self titled ep

by sick children

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recorded by luke mumford
art work by jeremy hansen


released 26 June 2013



all rights reserved


feeds for this album, this artist
Track Name: livin' like a dog
curled up
and vulnerable
i am a ball at your feet

give you the world
if you just give me a treat

i'll answer to
your beck and call
and keep off all of the heat

until the end
barred teeth at them
we are a two item fleet

i'm living like dog

i think beyond this leash i'm missing something
i think that you should just throw me a bone

i'm living like dog
Track Name: profiling the dead
sends a card -vs- up all night
caviare -vs- bits and bites
full coverage -vs- hackin' it
crematory -vs- open casket

profiling the dead by the cars at the funeral home
profiling the dead by their friend's cars

the church is packed -vs- an empty mass
no one cares -vs- flags half mast

profiling the dead by the cars at the funeral home
profiling the dead by the cars in the funeral home parking lot
profiling the dead by their friend's cars

family tree
a favourite book
or recipe
seal it in the casket!

and clemency
seal it in the casket!

precious furs
trophy wives
and treasured knives
seal it in the casket!

high heels
spinner wheels
low carb meals
vacation deals
seal it in the casket!
Track Name: a fuck's not love
i was out tonight and you caught my sight
was gonna get you home if it took all night
look in my eyes
i'll tell you lies
i don't give a shit
girl spread those thighs!

a fucks not love

now to my place
were gonna wreak this space
c'mon alright lets fuck all night

a fucks not love

in an hour i'll be getting you a cab home

a fucks not love
it's just a fuck
Track Name: high times
egg foo young
chicken tongue
pizza pie
fly fly fly

to be finger licking
just add some chicken
marsh mellows

add some salsa
make it hot
touch of ice cream
hit the spot

chocolate sauce
spread it slow
start your motors
'cause here we go

ah, put it on the pizza!
whipped cream flowin' like waterfalls
Track Name: take me home
tell me
tell me something
that ive wanted to hear
it's been years

show me something that i waited to see
it's been months
and you a'int heard nothing from me

it only seems fair i've waited so long

i've prayed to my hands to the bone
there was never a sign
you've never shown
i've prayed my hands to the bone
there was never a time that i wasn't alone

take me home